Private Villas and Lodges For Honeymoons in New Zealand

New Zealand may not be your go-to honeymoon spot, but it makes an exceptional and truly special getaway destination. From scenic mountain peaks to idyllic farm land, New Zealand has something special in store.

1. Otahuna Lodge

Otahuna Lodge in Canterbury stands out as a property that still upholds high standards of refinement, and American Hall Cannon and Miles Refo purchased it with the intent to restore its former grandeur. Situated approximately half an hour from Christchurch International Airport, its elegant driveway leads past magnificent trees and an idyllic pond until reaching Otahuna’s luxurious lodge built by Sir Heaton Rhodes as his family home between 1895 and 1956 before eventually changing hands through multiple ownership changes until American Hall Cannon and Miles Refo acquired ownership with plans of restoring it back to its former grandeur.

They have accomplished this magnificently. From hand-carved kauri staircases and Rimu panelling in the grand entrance hall to seven spacious suites combining elegance, opulence, luxurious comfort, traditional furnishings and antiques with state-of-the-art amenities and even fireplaces that add a magical glow when lit at night, each feature is exquisite. Guests are accommodated in seven luxurious suites that exude luxuriousness while at the same time remaining functional – these suites boast hand-carved kauri staircases, while hand-carved kauri staircases made of Rimu panelling that truly set apart this property from others in terms of appearance alone! Guests stay in luxurious accommodation: these suites all provide elegant and opulence while remaining luxurious comfort, while guests stay in seven spacious suites that combine elegance with luxurious comfort – each exquisitely appointed with traditional furnishings as well as state-of-the-art amenities; some come complete with fireplaces that add ambience when lit at nighttime.

Otahuna offers more than luxurious suites and exquisite cuisine – it also provides an exciting range of activities, from luxurious massages and swimming in its indoor/outdoor pools, to strolling through its lush gardens that once hosted famous daffodil garden parties! These grounds boast native New Zealand plants alongside imported Victorian plantings for an unforgettable experience.

2. Minaret Station

Minaret Station is one of New Zealand’s extraordinary luxury lodges, situated within a glacial valley amidst towering peaks and accessible only via helicopter. Offering high levels of comfort and luxurious accommodation in the wilds of New Zealand Alps, its bespoke lodge provides an extraordinary wilderness experience unlike any other. Perfect for heli-skiing, hiking or biking or simply experiencing some awe inspiring alpine adventures included with your stay, Minaret Station will create memories you won’t soon forget – making for the perfect honeymoon destination.

As well as offering world-class guided experiences, the luxury lodge also provides a selection of private secluded honeymoon villas for you to enjoy. These deluxe chalets have been thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum comfort and spaciousness; these chalets come complete with wood-burning fires, king-size beds, modern conveniences such as wood-burning fires and wood burning stoves; some cabins even feature their own hot tub!

Chalets offer all the amenities of the main lodge, such as two living areas, dining room and bar with wine cellar. Furthermore, as it’s a working high-country farm you’ll be able to dine on fresh meat and produce produced on site; depending on when you visit you may even spot seals sunbathing on the beach or marine life exploring Lake Wanaka!

3. First Light Villa at Eagles Nest

New Zealand is one of those rare honeymoon destinations that offers something for every type of traveler, from beaches and adrenaline-inducing activities, to Lord of the Rings fans wishing to travel through Middle Earth and its movie set Hobbiton, flocks of sheep and warm locals (known affectionately as Kiwis). All are welcomed with open arms.

Marlborough in the south should also be on any wine-lover’s itinerary, producing 75% of Australia’s vino production and serving as Geiser calls it a ‘wine-o’s dream.”

Hawke’s Bay is another top foodie destination. This wine region is packed with mouth-watering restaurants that could easily make the cut on Pinterest boards and luxurious suites that will have your jaw dropping in amazement. Geiser recommends staying at The Farm At Cape Kidnappers – its suites will surely leave an impactful lasting impression!

At Eagles Nest Resort on the Bay of Islands lies Five secluded villas featuring state-of-the-art fitness facilities, stunning views, private pools with Jacuzzis, personal chefs, spa therapists and ecostore amenities to make your experience truly relaxing and luxurious. Rahimoana Villa can accommodate eight people with its 25 meter heated horizon edged pool featuring original artworks as well as its home theater system – offering unparalleled luxury!

4. The Lindis

New Zealand offers romance in every corner: from its majestic fjords and tropical islands to city extravagance. Stars dance peacefully above vineyards that exude indulgence, and its quiet beaches create serendipity. But it is New Zealand’s magnificent wilderness that truly shines; these luxury villas and lodges give visitors a taste of it all!

First Light Villa at Eagles Nest offers an idyllic retreat in New Zealand’s Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, designed to blend seamlessly into its dramatic setting. Offering both an indoor and outdoor seating area with fire features, as well as mezzanine bedrooms, large spa tubs and kitchen facilities – you’ll feel at home while gazing upon New Zealand’s North Island mountains and lakes from here!

At Huka Lodge, you’ll experience genuine New Zealand hospitality and sophistication during your honeymoon in this romantic destination. Enjoy wine from one of New Zealand’s renowned vineyards while you soak in views over water from its numerous world-renowned vineyards in this relaxing yet romantic environment with oak floorboards and leather armchairs lining every wall – it all adds up to an unforgettable New Zealand honeymoon.

Get away from the crowds and experience New Zealand without all the hustle and bustle by traveling during its shoulder seasons. Be it Akaroa’s tranquil bays or Dunedin’s cultural charms – either is sure to provide an enjoyable visit. And for a truly indulgent trip down south don’t forget Marlborough as this wine-making hub awaits your discovery.