Boutique Honeymoon Resorts in Australia

Australia boasts romantic retreats of every description imaginable – from vineyards to islands – which make the ideal places for a honeymoon stay. If your dream involves finding an idyllic mountain retreat or all-inclusive resort that encapsulates nature, Australia has numerous boutique retreats that promise honeymoon bliss!

Palm Cove, situated in far north Queensland, has become known as Australia’s Honeymoon Capital due to its breathtaking natural beauty and luxurious accommodations.

Camel House Beach House

Camel Beach House, situated along South Australia’s wild West coast, is an architecturally designed off-grid and sustainable coastal retreat and nature sanctuary. Perched at the southernmost point of a stunning coastline (Venus Bay to Streaky Bay), this idyllic ocean nest provides the ideal picture-perfect setting for an ideal tranquil and serene escape. Surrounded by gorgeous beaches, amazing surf breaks, lakes and mountain bike trails this destination provides nature lovers with everything they could ever desire from their wilderness and wanderlust adventures!

CBH was inspired by the simplicity and rugged minimalism of classic west coast fisherman caravans or shacks and features pure rainwater for drinking and showering, in combination with solar panels to provide energy. Water- and energy-saving appliances as well as passive cooling/heating principles complete its functionality.

Hiking and biking trails, swimming in crystal-clear waters, or simply lounging around on the lounge are all ways of experiencing Australia’s magnificent natural environment. At night, star-filled skies can be enjoyed without light pollution detracting from their beauty; while during the morning roaring surf calls you along golden sands to the heritage property’s private conservation reserve for some morning beach combing before sipping wine while admiring its ever-shifting Southern Ocean waters while feasting on local seafood delights is served up right in this dreamy rustic hideaway! Come experience it for yourself; memories will stay with you long after leaving this dreamy rustic hideaway!

Sal Salis

Sal Salis is an ecologically conscious safari camp situated within Western Australia’s Cape Range National Park and located on Ningaloo Reef – one of the largest fringing coral reefs in the Southern Hemisphere – on which solar power, compost loos, and carefully managed water supplies are some of the measures implemented at this luxurious yet sustainable camp.

Sixteen spacious and innovative wilderness tents sit just metres from the shimmering ocean’s edge, with Ningaloo Reef’s spectacular coral just minutes away. Accommodation and hosting at this camp combine luxurious living with warm hospitality while appreciating Australian landscape – providing guides with extraordinary insights into one of Australia’s greatest natural treasures.

Spend your days snorkelling through an ocean of multiple hues, swimming with whale sharks (between April and July) or discovering Cape Range National Park’s remote coastline and gorges. When night falls, our chef provides contemporary Australian cuisine while kangaroos graze on nearby grassland while wallaroos roam your tented deck!

At the center and heart of Sal Salis Camp lies a newly renovated Lodge where you can unwind with friends over pre-dinner drinks or cocktails while watching the setting sun illuminate the horizon. Dinner features delicious local produce with exotic flourishes – from succulent tandoori marinade skewers to creamy banana and coconut sago dessert – indulging at Sal Salis makes an evening out a memorable one! Join us at Sal Salis for pure unadulterated relaxation before setting out on another day of adventure together!

Coles Bay

As couples search for their ideal honeymoon destinations, many want to ensure it offers beautiful scenery, luxurious accommodation and unique experiences. Australia boasts some truly magnificent locations that can deliver all this and more – be it relaxing on an idyllic tropical island, taking an outback trip or hiking through rugged mountainous landscapes; Australia truly has something special waiting for couples on their journey of romance.

The Whitsunday Islands are a favorite honeymoon spot, boasting some of the world’s most picturesque beaches and resorts – from iconic Whitehaven Beach to Coral Sea’s crystal waters, there’s no shortage of activities couples can enjoy during their visit – from sailing around islands or cruises, taking advantage of amazing aerial views, to watching dolphins and seals at Jervis Bay!

Palm Cove’s proximity to the Great Barrier Reef means day trips are easily accessible from hotels in Palm Cove; spend your day snorkelling through its crystal-clear waters or diving amongst its coral formations, or spending the entire day lounging around on its beach and relaxing under an umbrella with your fellow travellers.

If a remote honeymoon is your goal, Uluru should be at the top of your itinerary. As Australia’s beating heart enriched with Indigenous history and culture, Uluru stands apart as an unforgettable destination. Dine under the stars at romantic wilderness camp Longitude 131deg where menu items feature ingredients sourced locally; take an Aboriginal-guided tour around Uluru; climb Kata Tjuta Peak or meet Indigenous artists via Ernabella Arts Community for an unforgettable experience – it will certainly become part of your memories for lifelong.

Picnic Island

After months of planning, RSVPs and seating charts, newlyweds finally get to relax on their honeymoon and indulge in nature, privacy, romance and relaxation (and of course each other!). Couples seeking an eco-conscious boutique tropical destination should look no further than Australia’s Northern Territory Coral Sea coast for eco-luxe rainforest villas such as Camel House Beach House that ooze seduction from the moment you arrive.

Coles Bay offers an equally breathtaking getaway in Australia’s south. This boutique luxury resort overlooks Venus Bay’s crystal blue waters and radiates romance within private coastal conservation areas. Stay at one of Tasmanian architect John Latham’s copper lodges designed by him while taking advantage of clifftop sunsets, picnics and all-inclusive meals featuring items such as shaved truffle pasta and Paloma cocktails!

Fiji offers an exotic boutique honeymoon option like no other: with 74 islands to explore and scenic flights over towering Mount Otemanu or snorkeling along Heart Reef’s love heart-shaped coral formation that houses thousands of vibrant fish species, or opting for an elaborate Fijian ceremony that features choir members, six escorts, and even a flame torch, getting lost in its beauty is easy and unforgettable!

Flinders Ranges in Victoria offer another stunning natural wonder reminiscent of Mars – bushwalk along Devil’s Peak or climb to Wilpena Pound for breathtaking panoramic views. Or simply kick back at one of Daylesford’s spa hotels, sampling their mineral waters while relaxing among lavender fields, art galleries and chocolate mills!

Saffire Freycinet

Saffire Freycinet is a boutique honeymoon resort that embraces its natural surroundings, nestled on Tasmania’s stunning Freycinet Peninsula and designed by Chhada Siembieda to reflect Tasmania’s coastal charm with stone and timber facades that seamlessly merge outdoor and indoor spaces together – drawing color inspiration from Tasmania’s landscape to craft interiors full of soft greys, blues and greens that reflect this wonderful retreat.

Hotel guests have their choice of 20 suites – Luxury Suites and Private Pavilions – each beautifully appointed to include a king bedroom, living and relaxation areas, mesmerising views and large bathrooms with luxurious shower stalls. Additionally, some suites provide guests with kitchen facilities should they wish to dine outside of the restaurant.

At The Palate Restaurant, guests will be treated to all-inclusive degustation dining. This restaurant showcases Tasmania’s pristine environment by serving food from local producers. I was fortunate enough to taste a variety of Tasmanian produce including oysters from Freycinet Marine Farm, Cape Grim beef with rich flavor and even honey produced at the hotel’s own hives!

As part of your stay, you can also take part in various experiences and activities. From exploring Wineglass Bay on an all-inclusive guided walk, to donning waders and harvesting oysters from Wineglass Bay with waders on to harvest them – these experiences and activities are sure to leave an indelible memory behind!

Saffire Resort stands as an answer to this question for me and after spending three nights there I can say unequivocally that its high price tag is more than justified. From exceptional service and unforgettable views over bay and mountains to dining at a premium restaurant and taking part in Freycinet National Park’s spectacular landscape – everything was unparalleled during my experience here.